The music of Peruvian rock band EMERGENCY BLANKET is fully charged with life and energy. With influences from rock classics from the 60’s, 70’s and 90’s “the Blankets” achieve a very classical but yet very fresh and original sound.

The EP "What is the Emergency Blanket?" was recorded in 2005 after a solid year of playing live in various local venues and had rave reviews. That year Rolling Stone Magazine (Latin America) released a 2 page article which headed "The band who is breaking the language frontires in South America". Their song "Next Passenger" was a hit and was played in the most important radio stations in their country.

The LP "Combi + Nation" (2008) was the band’s first full fledge album. This production includes a new concept which includes songs in Spanish, English and songs that even combine both languages. This new concept worked well as the band experimented with different sounds and rhythms such as "Lando" a traditional Peruvian genre and "guitarra criolla" a Peruvian style guitar. "Combi + Nation" also makes reference to the diverse and rich culture that Peru represents to the world.

The LP contains 11 tracks and was mixed and mastered at Lima 32 Avenger Studio, Los Angeles California by Peruvian sound engineer German Villacorta (who has worked with musicians such as Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones, Stone Temple Pilots among others) who gave the album a very powerful and rich sound.

In March 2008 the band participated in the 1st "Festival Claro" (the most important music event in the country) where they won the "Rock & Pop" Category with their song "La Conexion" which appears in the album "Combi + Nation". Thousands of bands participated in this event. After that they went to play in front of crowds of 15,000+ in cities like Trujillo and Ica in support of Peruvian pop singer “Gian Marco”.

In 2009 they opened for Faith No More in their “Second Coming World Tour” in Lima.

In 2010 they won the Peoples Music Awards (Metal/Punk/Indie/Rock) in London and also completed their first European tour playing in 3 countries and 9 cities in total. In Zurich they opened for legendary Spanish band “Hombres G”.

They received positive comments from the judges at the awards such as “I am very impressed by their energy and enthusiasm and the quality of their writing and playing. Sign them somebody so I can work with them!” - TONY PLATT (Producer: Paul McCartney, Led Zeppelin, Bob Marley, The Who, Rolling Stones among others) and “They show great promise and can expect interest from anyone with ears for good music.” - Mick Glossop (Producer: Van Morrison and Frank Zappa)

On December 16th of 2010 the band was selected to be the opening act of Stone Temple Pilots as part of their South American tour. After that the band went to Texas on March 2011 and participated on the 'SXSW Music Festival', playing the oficial showcase and setting up a mini tour with 3 more gigs in Austin and 2 additional dates in Los Angeles. Emergency Blanket was proud to be part of the 'SXSW 4 Japan', teleton organized by the Hanson Brothers which included top quality artists such as Michael Stipe from REM.

Emergency Blanket is currently working on the pre production of their new album to be released in the upcoming months.

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